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Case Study: Foodservice & Franchising

Programmatic, LinkedIn Campaigns, Creative Design


A leading North American, fast-food restaurant chain with multiple franchises.




Foodservice & Franchising

Client Objective

Promote food truck program in a short campaign to drive food truck franchise sign-ups.



Client is well known in Food Service, but didn’t get enough sign-ups for Food Truck through traditional marketing methods.


Geography is limited to a specific metro. Niche industry.



MediaEdge’s highly experienced campaign management team built a targeted program (in consultation with the client) to fulfill assigned marketing goals:

Programmatic campaigns were created to target food industry and advertisers.
The primary goal was to target applicable offices and commercial buildings.


Competitor analysis was performed to narrow down the targeting and target users with similar keywords.

The team conducted a thorough competitor analysis to distill the targeting to prospects searching for relevant keywords.

Targeted LinkedIn ads were served to specific job titles in the food service industries.

Multiple sets of creative assets with customized messaging were deployed to maximize audience engagement.


  • Sign-ups increased by 50%

  • Client’s target was met at 83% of budget spend

  • Collected audience data was used for cross-sales after the program ended

  • Learnings and templates were replicated the following year to make the campaign effective

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