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Case Study: Food Processing & Manufacturing

Programmatic, Competitor Analysis, LinkedIn Campaigns, Google Ads, Creative Design


A leading North American Fortune 1000 company that manufactures, markets; & distributes food products for the industrial, restaurant, institutional & home markets.




Food Processing & Manufacturing

Client Objective

Digital Branding of a new product in the market. Target maximum exposure to potential clients (i.e restaurant & foodservice professionals).



Our client has launched various new products into the market. While their traditional digital marketing campaigns have yielded reasonable results in the past, they’d like to see more. As a result, they were amenable to investing additional funds in a new digital campaign in order to receive a more tangible ROI.


General consumers needed to be excluded, with the campaign focusing solely only on B2B.

Cross Channel measurement, attribution and reporting needed to be retrieved from various touch points.



MediaEdge’s highly experienced campaign management team built a targeted program (in consultation with the client) to fulfill assigned marketing goals.

Programmatic campaigns were created to target food distributors and decision-makers within the food industry. The primary goal was to engage new users and educate about the product and its features.

Competitor analysis was performed to narrow down the targeting and only target users with similar keywords. The team conducted a thorough competitor analysis to distill the targeting to prospects searching for relevant keywords.

Targeted LinkedIn ads were served to specific job titles in the food service industries.

Multiple sets of creative assets with customized messaging were deployed to maximize audience engagement.

Google AdWords was integrated with digital marketing campaigns and performance across the channels were measured and analyzed.


  • A large number of audiences were pixeled/targeted within 30 days and distinct audience buckets were created.

  • Page views and bounce rate improved during the overall campaign flight.

  • Client experienced a 40% increase in conversion rate with a 20% smaller budget.

  • Broader engagement achieved by using various platforms (Programmatic, Display, Google Ads and Paid Social).

  • Viewable impressions were above 65% during the entire flight duration.

  • Product launch template was shared with the client for future use.

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