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Case Study: Finance

Programmatic, LinkedIn Campaigns, CRM, Landing Pages


An industry leading Fintech company.





Client Objective

To increase a B2B Advisor Guide subscription and promote cutting-edge technology platform for Financial Advisors.



This is a new product launched for the existing and new Financial Advisory firms.

Historically, the company targeted individuals and not the firms directly.



MediaEdge’s highly skilled campaign management team created a highly customized campaign targeting businesses and not individuals.

Programmatic campaigns were built to target businesses using the right keywords, categories and exclusions.

LinkedIn campaigns were used to target specific job titles.

Tailor-made landing pages were created and optimized.

Existing CRM list was used to target users.


  • Request for product demo increased by 463% compared with the past results.

  • Subscription and database of users increased.

  • Audience collected were served with other related products where applicable.

  • Clicks and visits from individuals were drastically reduced and leads were largely generated from advisory firms.

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