Understanding Programmatic

Everything you need to know about programmatic advertising, but were afraid to ask.

Smart Display is a programmatic marketing campaign that gives your company’s advertising strategy the edge of being at the right place at the right time.


MediaEdge partners with top performing programmatic suppliers to stay connected with the highest quality ad exchanges and data inventories, giving you the power to target your niche audiences online on almost any website they visit. Advertise with the confidence that you are making a valuable impression at the right time.

Chapter 1: What is it?
Chapter 2: How does it work?
Chapter 4: Get your campaign going

Chapter 1: What is it?

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As the online advertising landscape continues to change, agencies and companies are forced to change with it.


We hope to make the process of learning a little bit easier for everyone involved, whether you’re learning this for yourself, for your boss or for your team. But because explaining programmatic advertising to most people can leave them reeling, we at MediaEdge aim to make the process of building a programmatic campaign as painless as possible by keeping the process seamless and organized. Below we talk about how the online product works, what technical background you should be aware of, how you can make programmatic work for you, and how we can make a difference in your campaign.


Programmatic simply means "automated by a computer (program)."


Technically any technology that helps you complete an action a bit more efficiently by removing human touch can counts as programmatic. When you program your TV to record a movie, set your coffee maker to turn on before you wake up or have someone on speed dial, you are making your life a little easier by using programmatic technology. All of these things automate a manual process using computer programming. In online advertising, programmatic media uses machines to purchase display ad space that’s available on virtually any website, as opposed to the traditional process that involves human negotiations and manual insertion orders.


This increases efficiency and accuracy for agencies and clients, cuts costs for everyone involved, and allows for advertisers to take advantage of a range of tactics.